C-U At Home

The ministry for our friends without an address

C-U  at Home engages and mobilizes our community to house and support the  most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration.

Be sure to check out the video from Melany on the "our history" page.

An award-winning movie made about C-U at Home.

More About Melany Jackson

Born  and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois, her early years  included going to a small Southern Baptist Church about a half block  from her home. She went through a marriage and divorce before the age of  25, and eventually moved to central Illinois where God got her attention. After fully surrendering her life to Him, she started down various paths of ministry. Once she became a Jesus follower her faith  became the driving force in her life. 

Melany  has spent most of her adult life devoted to ministry, including Christian radio, worship and evangelism, and compassion ministry. 

In 2008, she received her Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Seminary. 

In 2017, she followed the Lord's call to serve Him in Colorado Springs. 


Get A Copy Of More Than Enough

Read about how Melany overcame challenges as she followed the Lord into starting something from nothing.

Speaking Engagement

Hear Melany's testimony about her ministry in person and her faithful journey down the path the Lord put her on. 

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Compassion Ministry Coaching

Melany  is happy to coach compassion ministries with regular meetings or calls  to help you discover ways to walk out your calling. 

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