Event Planning Tips

Outline the plan for the event.

1. Get the primary purpose of the event on paper in the form of a value proposition to help guide the process. 

2. Back plan from the day of the event. What are the main things that need to happen (milestones) each day, week, and month? 

3. Add estimated costs to the event milestones. 

4. Start the to do list and get the items plugged into a schedule. If you are not a professional event planner consider event planning software to help organize and manage the event.

Consider event planning software.

Depending on the size and complexity of the event, they can be a challenge to organize and manage. Here are some free online software specifically designed for event planning that have a free plan (not just a free trial) and have at least a 4 star rating from Capterra. Allcal, RegFox, Oveit, Purplepass, rsvpBook, Eventbrite and Eventzilla.

Contact Melany if you want some help.

Even with the a great process and tools event planning can trigger internal frustrations. Sometimes it's good to have someone to listen and encourage you, and if desired, provide an outside perspective. Tap into Melany's event planning experience from her many years of working in ministry, Christian radio, and a nonprofit startup. She does this through faith directed coaching. She can also help with planning your community engagement. Send a note below to learn more.

Faith directed coaching for event planning

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